To dominate today's mortgage market you've got to be focused on the fundamentals that deliver in a purchase driven environment. The three R's for success today include: Realtor relationships, Retention and maximization of your existing sales force and the Recruitment of productive originators. A sponsorship delivers on all of these. Realtors will love you for bringing this tool to the table free of charge. Your existing sales force will have an unmatched coaching and achievement system working to help them perform at their peak and you'll have a major differentiator that will enhance your recruiting efforts. An exclusive sponsorship will truly set you apart.

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AgentGOALS inception
AgentGOALS is for everyone

This isn't your daddy's goal setting system. :

  1. Delivers streaming interactive business specific video goal-setting workshops.
  2. Neatly stores and organizes all the information in a private cloud based account.
  3. Produces and delivers a personal motivation movie that's like a dream board on steroids.
  4. Best of all it doesn't get tossed into a drawer never to be seen again; but instead - all year long, provides inspiration, motivation and reminders via text, email and even video messages. coaching support and accountability makes it nearly impossible to not reach your goals.
  5. Is a market area exclusive - branded with your company's logo, and promotional information and it's only available through your sales team.

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